Simple prayers ask God to heal and guide the drug addicted through treatment and beyond.

Many people struggle with addiction to alcohol, over-the-counter medications, and other drugs. The following prayers — prayer to stop using, prayer to seek treatment, blessing for a person in recovery, and thanksgiving for staying clean — invite God to be a source of strength to those struggling with drug addiction.

Prayer to Stop Using Drugs

While addicted to drugs, stopping can seem impossible. The following prayer asks God to intervene in the midst of using drugs, that the individual might be better able to seek treatment: “God, help! I can’t stop without You. Let me stop. Amen.”

One might repeat this prayer to battle a craving, as they try to make a different choice that’s conducive with healthy living.

Prayer to Seek Drug Treatment

Seeking help for substance abuse is extremely difficult when drugs are running one’s life. The following prayer asks God to grant strength to someone seeking treatment, that he/she may stop the drug cycle:

“Loving God, You know I need help. I’m not strong enough to reach out by myself. Grant me the strength to seek [insert treatment intervention, plan, or program, if known,] that I may reclaim my life from [insert addictive substance here,] in Your loving and precious name, Amen.”

One may also recite this prayer for a loved one or friend in hopes that he/she will seek treatment for a drug addiction, as well as for people seeking help who may need extra support.

Blessing for a Person in Recovery

Being and staying in recovery takes patience, support, hard work, and lots of grace. The following prayer asks God to bless the person in recovery, keep him/her from relapse, and guide him/her on the path to being drug free:

“God of power and might, grant [insert person’s name] the grace to be and stay drug free. Be with him/her when [addictive substance] calls, and help him/her choose life over death. Bless [insert person’s name,] keep him/her, and continue to guide him/her in the light of Your healing love. Amen.”

One might offer this prayer to welcome home an individual from inpatient treatment or to mark an important event in recovery, such as a week, month, year, or decade drug-free.

Thanksgiving for Staying Clean

For those addicted to drugs and alcohol, every day without them is an achievement. For the religious person, staying clean is, indeed, a gift from God. The following prayer offers God thanks and celebrates an individual’s ability to live drug free.

“Lord God of heaven and earth, of life and death, of freedom and fear, thank you for [insert time without drugs.] My freedom would not be possible without your love and without the love of [insert other people who offered support during recovery.] Thank you for freeing me from myself, and guide me to continue to choose life, in Your loving and precious name, Amen.”

The battle with drug addiction can seem like a losing battle, but with prayer, a religious individual may rely on an infinite source of strength and trust that he/she is not alone, even in the midst of addiction.