Propoxyphene Detox and Rehab

Propoxyphene, otherwise known as a prescription medication has been used in order to treat any kind of moderate pain in the patient. However, it has also been classified as a schedule II substance in the United States according to the drug enforcement agency or the DEA. It signals that prescription medication that contains Propoxyphene should be used with caution. However, most of the people that undergo substance abuse with Propoxyphene find it to be highly addictive. As recent as 2010, most of the products had procured negative reviews, and it was being pulled from the markets. There were many doctors that did not prescribe medication that contained Propoxyphene. However, even though such kind of medications is no longer available, people have still been able to abuse its use and maintain and obtain them for their own addiction.

Propoxyphene-Related Deaths from 1981 to 2002

Withdrawal symptoms of Propoxyphene

People ingesting Propoxyphene in large proportions become addicted very soon. Some of the withdrawal symptoms seen;

  • Aches in the muscles
  • Constant sweating
  • Chills
  • Anxiety
  • Fever
  • Insomnia

Besides such symptoms, Propoxyphene dependency can also come with a lot of psychological issues. Sometimes depression as well as cravings for the drug can become commonplace after you stop using it. You need proper consultation from a doctor or a physician and get into a detox and rehab facility at the earliest.

Detox facilities for Propoxyphene

There are various modes of the talks that can be used in order to get rid of Propoxyphene addiction.

  • Detoxification in the emergency room: Whenever there is any case for overdose with Propoxyphene, the user is immediately rushed into the emergency room. Trained physicians that are extremely competent can focus upon saving the life of the person with some of the best detox practices which can lead to a long-term recovery.
  • Detoxification in the residence: The Propoxyphene addict can go for detox facilities within the confines of their own house with the presence of a medical personal at all times. Although this is a very costly venture, and greatly risks relapse of the patient, it also ensures that the patient can remain within the sanctity of their own house. Whenever there are any withdrawal symptoms creeping up, there are family members to keep the person at hold.
  • Detoxification in an establishment: There are detox and rehab facilities all across the world that caters to Propoxyphene addicts. In order to take care of this addiction, people need to get themselves admitted into such rehab centers at the earliest. Proper medical care and comfort will be provided to the drug addicts and all the proper protocols shall be maintained to take care of the withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, customized solutions shall also be found according to the needs of the patient. There are other rehab services like psychological evaluation that shall be done on the patient at regular basis to prevent any kind of relapse.

Propoxyphene addiction can be dangerous, and one needs to get help at the earliest possible opportunity so as to tackle this problem head on.

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