Oxymorphone detox and rehab

Oxymorphone or Opana is a pretty big narcotic prescription drug, which is also an opioid. It is a drug that has been gaining popularity amongst the users due to the artificial high it produces for a longer range of time. It can be used for non-medicinal purposes, and the drug enforcement agency classifies this as a Schedule II controlled substance. It has a pretty high potential to create dependency on the drug, and abuse is pretty common for people using Oxymorphone in alarming frequency.


Basically used in order to control the pain, Oxymorphone has an immediate effect on the body. It can help in the increase of pleasure, as well as produce a relaxing effect in the entire body. It can take care of the functions of the central nervous system, particularly the elevation of the BP, as well as increase in the heart rate that leads to happiness within the entire body. Chemical receptors such as serotonin are also released with signals happiness in the body.

When taken in a regular frequency, Oxymorphone can lead to a sort of tolerance leading to an increase in the dependency of an individual up on this particular drug. It is true for both the recreational as well as the people that use it for legitimate means. Sometimes, the people making use of Oxymorphone may need to take a higher dose so that they can get rid of the pain and come across a mellow feeling as it subsides.

Withdrawal symptoms of Oxymorphone

The dependency of drug addicts on Oxymorphone can be both psychological as well as physical, and there are certain withdrawal symptoms that will be showcased in the user.

  1. Joint pain
  2. Weakness
  3. Excessive yawning
  4. Irritability
  5. Insomnia
  6. Nausea and vomiting
  7. Restlessness
  8. The dilation of the pupils
  9. A noticeable increase in the heart rate
  10. Anorexia

Detox for Oxymorphone use

Medicinal detox is the one that is normally considered in order to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with Oxymorphone. When it is provided in a specialized facility with professionals all around the clock, then vital signs can be monitored, and the mental health can be easily checked in the patient. This helps in the reduction of dependency of the user on Oxymorphone gradually, and it can smooth out any kind of withdrawal and side effects.

Typically, most of the treatment centers make use of substitution medications to counter the effect of such opioid drugs. Therefore, you can get medications like methadone being prescribed to the people suffering from Oxymorphone addiction. The primary reason methadone is given is to ensure that a lesser amount of those it is required in order to keep all the receptors activated. These are pretty long acting opioids, resulting in a few doses for the patient. Moreover, methadone is only dispersed from the federal clinics, and therefore it would create a sort of buffer zone for being dependent on this drug as well. The people substituting methadone for Oxymorphone would not be able to feel the high associated with the latter.

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